Missing Persons Cases

National Center for Missing Children https://www.missingchild.or.kr/ The Frog Boys Lee Hye-jin, 10, and her friend Woo Ye-seul, 8 Dec 25, 2007, Anyang Near Anyang Arts Center (CCTV 4:10 p.m.) 77 days later Found Lee’s dismembered body on a mountain near Suwon Police investigation Rental car records in Anyang on the day of disappearance Found blood … Read more

True Crime: The Jijon Family

The Jijon Family

For our first true crime episode, we cover the Jijon Family. They were a gang of ex-convicts who went on a serial murder rampage in the mid-1990s and showed no remorse. Some even practiced cannibalism on their victims. Dokkaebi PatronsAngel EarlJamie StaleyJoel BonominiShaaron Cullen Become a Patron through Patreon and help us make more shows. … Read more