True Crime: Who was the Cyanide Killer?

cyanide killer

In the mid-1980s, people were randomly collapsing and dying around Seoul. Or was it random?  On this week’s podcast, we recount one of the lesser known mass murder episodes in Korea. It’s a sad story, and the killer’s identity will shock you. Join our Patreon to get more stuff Book a tour of The … Read more

#SorryJeongIn: Parents Murder Their Child

WARNING: This episode contains disturbing content. A special serious episode. South Korea has been horrified by the story of 16-month-old Jeong-in, a baby girl who was abused until she died this past October. This is spotlighting Korea’s and the Korean authorities’ long dark complacency with child abuse.  #SorryJeongin #정인아미안해

True Crime: Cho Doo-soon & Sex Crime Law Failures

Cho Doo Soon

Korea’s most notorious criminal is set to be released in late 2020. Only recently has the “I was drunk” defense been scrapped as an accepted excuse for sex crimes. We explore the problematic legal and cultural barriers to effective sex crime prevention in Korea.    **WARNING** We do not suggest the episode for people recovering … Read more

Sado, the Royal Serial Killer?


Prince Sado’s tale has been told through TV and film. Living in the 1700s, he got away with many killings and cruel acts. Yet there are others who say he himself was a victim. Listen as we delve into the life and legends of one of Korea’s most notorious royal members and how his death … Read more

True Crime: The Jijon Family

The Jijon Family

For our first true crime episode, we cover the Jijon Family. They were a gang of ex-convicts who went on a serial murder rampage in the mid-1990s and showed no remorse. Some even practiced cannibalism on their victims. Dokkaebi PatronsAngel EarlJamie StaleyJoel BonominiShaaron Cullen Become a Patron through Patreon and help us make more shows. … Read more